Where to Look When Life Disappoints

Where to Look When Life Disappoints

When the world around you crumbles what is it that you hold on to? What gets you through this time?

Where to Look When Life Disappoints

It has been a few weeks now since my brother-in-law passed away. There are still lots of tears and mourning when thinking about it. This has not been an easy time for my family and sister.

While talking through things with my sister, she told us how her biggest fear in life was losing her amazing husband.

And now her world, and our world as a family (including her husband’s family), has absolutely been turned upside down.

My sister and our families’ response has been perplexing to some people. Instead of being angry with God (understandably) and going through other drastic responses, there has been peace.


We are all looking to Christ.

Hebrews 12:2a Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.”

I remember back in college taking counseling classes. During one class, my professor talked about how much you idolize your partner in relationships and in marriage. He said that when we idolize our life partners, if something were to happen, our world would completely fall apart since our focus is on a person rather than God.

God should be our focus.

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When God is not our focus our world will crumble. Why?

People fail

Spouses fail

Jobs fail

Children fail

Houses fail

Money fails

Things fail

But God NEVER fails.

So why should our focus be on anything else but God?

  • Do you idolize someone in your life?
  • Is your focus more on your significant other than on God?
  • What would your response be if that person were gone from your life?
  • Where is God on your priority list in practice? [No Church Answers Allowed]

Where is our hope found?

My sister has responded in incredible way because she is looking to Christ. That is the only perspective that is getting her and our families through this time.

We know that God is in control. It does not mean that this is easy, but it does mean that God is there, guiding and helping us along. Focus on God is what is getting us through this.

People fail, Spouses fail, Jobs fail, Children fail, Things fail, But God NEVER fails. Click To Tweet

When tragedy strikes, what will get you through it?

I would love to hear from you.

What is hard about keeping your eyes on Christ during the good times?

What keeps your eyes on Christ during the bad?

What are some ways that you have kept your eyes on Christ? I would love to learn from you.

Here are two posts that I found that gives some questions to ask yourself to see if your are idolizing someone.

10 Signs That You are Idolizing Someone or Something 

How Do You Stop Idolizing Someone?

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  1. Funny you should talk about idolatry. A book I had just let Patrick borrow (and I believe he was reading because I found it on his nightstand after he passed away) was called Gospel Treason. It is a great book about how we make idols in our lives without even realizing it. I highly recommend it!

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