The Secret To Building A Legacy

The legacy of our live can take a lifetime to build. Men and women have come and gone leaving legacies that have lasted hundreds and even thousands of years after their death. What is the secret to building a legacy?

The Secret To Building A Legacy

Think of one of your heroes. Why they are one of your heroes. If they are someone you know, most likely you have memories of them that impacted you in a way.

Growing up I LOVED going and visiting my grandparents. I loved that they spoiled us and spent time with my siblings and I (most of the time just my twin brother and I).

Whenever we woke up, we would always go to the kitchen where my grandma would make us some breakfast. My favorite was her cinnamon toast – so good!

Often when we met really early in the kitchen, it would just be my grandfather, Walter Beebe. He was always awake before us (we would wake up at 6am to watch TV). He had a coffee cup on the kitchen table. And he sat in his rocking chair that was near by. He would read his Bible and spend time in prayer.

He had a little black notebook/pad that he had written down prayer requests. There is no telling how many lists or names that he had in that book. We were not allowed to interrupt him while he prayed. And he always took his time praying through his lists.

He did this every morning that I can remember. This is part of the legacy that he left to me.

Legacies are built on consistency. #Legacy Click To Tweet

Great men and women of the faith built incredible legacies that have been passed down. Each legacy was built one day at a time.

I think of the great revivalists of the great awakening, John and Charles Wesley. Their lives were impacted by the faith of their mother, Suzanna Wesley. It was her daily, consistency as a mother that helped these men led a great revival. She was not a preacher but preached in her daily life to her children.

Our legacy is built one day at a time.

Legacies are built one day at a time. #Legacy Click To Tweet

This is beginning of the year when we make our resolutions or new goals for this year. What are your goals to build a legacy?

So in looking at our year, we have 365 different days in which to continue building our legacy.

A legacy does not build itself nor does it happen over night.

A legacy does not build itself nor does it happen over night. #Legacy Click To Tweet

This year as you are praying and planning your goals, ask yourself how you can daily live to leave a legacy?

Daily consistency is the key to building a legacy. It is the daily grind and habits of life.

For me, I will be spending more time playing with my children and less time watching TV when they are awake. I want to be more intentional with my wife. And I want to grow in my walk with Christ.

So how are you building your legacy this year? What are some of your goals this year?

What is your biggest question or struggle when it comes to building a legacy?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

When sharing on twitter I want to encourage you to use the hashtag #Legacy.

At the end of this month I will be coming out with an e-course on keys to building a legacy that lasts. I am looking forward to sharing with you more details on this.

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