The Joy of Childhood


The Joy of Childhood

I have found that the older I get, the less naive I become. The more I travel, watch media and more, the less I am surprised by something new. It has become harder to get that utterly amazed joy that I had when I was a child.


Almost a year ago, my now almost two year old learned a new phrase. Oh Wow!


That was his favorite phrase for a very long time and he still says it. Now you need to know that when he says it, his eyes get as big as they can be and his mouth gets large as well. As if this is the greatest thing he has seen and then he says, Oh Wow!


He has the biggest look of amazement and joy on his face that you have ever seen.


A few weeks back my grandmother from my dads side came and visited us from Wisconsin. She brought with her a little train that had a remote control that you could use to steer.


As soon as he heard the noise and saw it go, he went into his expression. We have seen him give that even from some of the simplest things of life.


I wonder if in our world of information, if we have lost this sense of wonder, amazement and joy that we had as a child. I know I have.


Every now and then something happens that could cause me to have that same expression, but it is much harder to find than when I was his age.


So here are a few observations of my incredible son that maybe we could apply.


  1. Forget about yourself. My son gets so wrapped up in what is before him, he forgot about himself and his own reactions to what is going on. So often we refrain ourselves because we are worried about how we look.


  1. Forget about everything else that was going on during the day or that needs to be done. My son, gets so singularly focused that he is able to be wrapped up in that moment. How often do we get so wrapped up in the affairs of life that when something special happens we fail to catch the joy in the moment?


  1. Share it with others. When my son is in this moment, he immediately looks up and finds someone who is around him in order to share in his joy. When we have that moment of joy, do you have someone to share that with you?


How do you discover joy in your world? How do you find it? And who do you seek to share it with?

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