The HEAR Bible Study Method

The H.E.A.R Bible Study Method

There have been many Bible study methods that have been developed over the years. This is one of the best methods I have seen.

The HEAR Bible Study Method


One of the keys to a good method for Bible study is ease of use. What I mean by this is, that is something that you can remember, use and apply in a simple way. While there are a lot of GREAT methods that have been written and taught, many are complicated and much harder to catch on for a newer believer.

Having done a lot of discipleship over the years I am constantly looking for new ways to teach the basics to young believers.

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A few weeks ago in preparation for a conference, my friend Dallas (who was also leading the conference) showed me the H.E.A.R method by Robby Gallaty. During the conference, I was taught more about this method.

I have since begun to teach this to my students in hope that this will help my students and others to dive into the incredible Word of God for themselves.

So here is the H.E.A.R method:

Highlight: This would be the verse from the passage that jumps out to you the most. So if I am reading John 3 then maybe this would be John 3:16. You would want to write this verse out.

Explain: In the explain section you would take the verse or maybe a different portion of the text and see to explain in more in your own words or to provide some insight into the text. This would be where you use some basic skills of interpretation (maybe another future post). Some of this is just asking who, what, why, when, where, how.

Apply: You would take a few minutes and think and pray about how God would apply this verse or passage to your life. Be looking for ways to immediately apply and not just looking at doing something in the future. You want God’s Word to change your life and this is a great place to start.

Response: This would be a prayer of response to God regarding the verse and passage that was read. And asking God for the strength in implementing the application of the text.

This method is definitely great as it is easy to remember, use and apply. The strength is definitely in its simplicity and is great for any newer believer, and would be a great place to start a Bible study habit. Also, check out the F260 Bible reading plan (see links below).

I would recommend finding a journaling book to write these steps in them as you go. Just write the date on the top of a page and start studying.

What methods have you used? When discipling a new believer, what method do you pass on? 

For more reading check out the following:

HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE – This is Robby Gallaty’s main site for discipleship material. Check out their F260 plan which is also on the Bible App.

The below link is an affiliate link. Anything from Robby Gallaty would be good to read.

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