The 3 Keys To Regular Bible Reading

Have you ever struggled with reading your Bible on a consistent basis? I talk with many people every year that do not spend time regularly in their Bible. This is just a hard thing for many people.


When I was a teenager this was a constant struggle for me. I would go one or two weeks consistently reading my Bible and then I would stop. A few months later I would repeat this over again.

It was not until the summer between my senior year of HS and my freshman year of college that I finally got serious with my faith and began regularly reading my Bible. It was through this consistency over the next few years that God called me into full-time student ministry.

I have learned a lot in this journey about ways to stay consistent. Several godly men, such as my father and others, have also given me some great pointers in consistent Bible reading.

So here is a few things that I have learned:

1. Pick a time. I like to think of this almost like a mathematical equation. Let’s say you live 15 minutes from work, then you would need to wake up 15 minutes beforehand to make it to work. Now it takes you 15 minutes to get ready in the morning. So that means you need to wake up at least 30 minutes before work starts.       Now you have to eat as well so add on another 15 minutes. If you are doing your math that is 45 minutes total. Lastly let’s say you want to spend 15 minute reading the Bible. You then add these numbers together, which is 1 hour. This protects your time with God because it is set aside no matter when you need to be somewhere. So if you need to be somewhere at 9am then wake up at 8am, if you need to be somewhere at 7am, then wake up is at 6am.

2. Pick a place. Find a spot in your house or outside where you will spend time with God.

3. Pick a plan. Find a Bible reading plan and stick with it. I suggest (their app is the Bible app in IOS or Android) or to find a good Bible reading plan. Youversion’s app is ver easy to use and there are many plans. Check out the Chronological or F260 plan.

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I have found that when I pick a time, place and plan that I take the guess work out of having a consistent time with God. The next step is to work the plan and stay consistent.

I pray that this helps.

What have you done to help you read your Bible consistently?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

If you have found this helpful, I would love to hear your story on how this helps.

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  1. Sometimes I’m inconsistent too. And the keys you share here: Time, place and plan does the work for me. I’m currently using Professor Grant’s Bible Reading system where I get to read 10 chapters from different genre’s of the Bible per day. I read at specific hours, setting reminders on my phone.
    But the goal is not just to read the Bible through, but to get to know God more, and to allow the truths in there change us.
    Thanks for sharing this tips. Your neighbor at Essential Things Linkup.

    Come and share with us at EncourageMe Linkup (

    1. That sounds like a great study. I would love to hear your thoughts of Professor Grants system when you are done. Thanks for linking up!

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