A Great Senior Gift



Every year around graduation, we host a meal or breakfast to celebrate our graduating seniors in our student ministry.

Each time we pick out a graduation gift for them. When I first started I wanted to give a gift that would prepare them for college and afterwards. That is why I picked a book. After looking through several books I settled on the book, How to stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski -(try saying that last name).

This book is really good for this purpose because the topics that he deals with. He spends time on apologetics and teaching on the key things you need to know about faith and how to defend it in a classroom setting. He also, dives into practical topics of friendship, roommates, studying, thinking for yourself in light of God’s Word and so much more. I have thought before about writing a book for grads but this one covers almost all that I would want every grad to know. If you have a senior this would be a great gift to give them. Here is a link to it. Great Book! I can’t wait to give it to our seniors this year.

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