I wanted to share some resources with you that have made a huge impact on my life. Reading from people who are wise than you will help you grow as a person and in your relationship with God. If you have time, read or listen to each one of these books.

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Spiritual Growth

The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg is a great book on spiritual growth. Do not let the title fool you as the chapters are deep and rich with meaning and challenges.

Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes, is my staple for discipling other guys. It is so good. Filled with great biblical truth, examples and challenges. This would be a great book to go through with any guys. There is also one for ladies, young men and I believe young women.

Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges was a book that changed my life in college. I cannot tell you how impactful this book was for me. If you have struggled with growing in your walk with Christ this would be a great book.

Parent Books

Shepherding a Child’s Heart By Tedd Tripp is one of the core books any parent should read. I read it once and will be reading this again with my wife.

Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp is a great book on parenting teenage students. I recommend this for anyone who has a student. This come from a biblical perspective and offers some great advice. If you are new to having a teenager, grab this book.

“Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes covers such topics as establishing a solid family heritage, promoting affection between family members, encouraging godliness in children, using appropriate discipline, and helping children cultivate enriching lifelong habits. The Hugheses also offer tips for fun and affordable family vacations, creating family traditions, and starting a prayer notebook. They even give us a suggested list of books and videos that should be in every family’s library.”

My Favorite Blogs

Brittany is my sister who is a became a widow in 2015 with 3 young boys 4 and under. God is graciously bringing her through this time. Her writing ministers to widows, people who are hurting and young mothers. She encourages her readers with humor, grace, and Biblical truth. This is a must read blog for anyone!
Carrie writes encouragement to mothers of young children. She provides great biblical insight and would be a great blog to add to your list.
This is my go to site for information to help parents. Johnathan Mckee covers anything from tips for parenting teen to social media and movie reviews. This is an excellent site for any parents of teenagers.
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