Online Tools For Bible Study

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Online Tools For Bible Study

For many people who are Christians, we listen to an incredible message on Sunday and we walk away with a deeper understanding of a passage of the Bible. And we wonder what kind of tools did the pastor use to dive deeper into the passage. Are there tools for out there for non-pastors to use?

The answer is YES!!

There are a lot of great Bible study tools that are free online that will help you better understand verse and words that you come across. And many pastors use these same tools.

Before I share with you the sites here are a few words that you need to know before diving into these tools.

  • Translations – These are multiple versions of the original texts.
  • Parallel – This is where they take multiple versions or commentaries and they put it all on the same page for you to view at the same time when researching a single text instead of having many different screens open.
  • Commentary – These are explanations of a verse or passage written by a Biblical scholar. Outside of the Bible, commentaries offer the greatest explanation for a passage of scripture. As you read them make sure you read several commentaries on a passage instead of just one. This will give you better insight.
  • Lexicon – This tool shows the english meaning behind the original Greek and Hebrew words. One of the best is Strong’s concordance. Strong used numbers to help keep things organized. But these tools add lots of depth to understanding a passage.

Have fun looking at the below tools!


This website has a clean design and has many tools for you to use. They have tools for looking up a words in the original language and meanings. This site has a few commentaries but is very strong in many other areas. They also have some great Bible reading plans. Just take a look for yourself.


I LOVE using this website. This site is excellent for looking at maps and the Greek and Hebrew meanings behind words. If you want to know what a word means as you are reading, then this is the site to visit. I use this primarily to look up the original meaning of words in the text. They do have an IOS app that is free!!!


This is a great site to look up translations parallel with each other. They also have some commentaries that are not found on other sites. Looking up a verse with parallel translations can add a lot of depth to your Bible study.


This is my favorite. You could spend hours diving into the commentaries found on this site. They put them together in parallel for easier reading.This means they take all of the commentaries and put them all on the same page of the verse you are looking up. This makes it very easy to use and read. I use this almost anytime I need to study in-depth a passage of scripture.


While they do have some free features, this is a paid program. This program can be use on a computer, tablet or even on a phone, which is great. The tools and commentaries are endless depending on your budget. This is a must have tool for someone who teaches often. I have it installed on my tablet and phone and use it all the time. It is great on Sundays when a verse or question comes up that I do not know, because then I can look it up in LOGOS for the answer instead of waiting till Monday. This is well worth the money if you can afford it. But do look for some of the free options that they offer.

I pray this helps you in your daily Bible study.

What online tools do you use? 

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Additional Sites – You would have to download to use. 

1. – This has a TON of free commentaries and helps.

2. – Similar to above just with some different resources. Also, this one has a FREE app!!!! It is on IOS and Android. 

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