Navigating Your Faith Journey With Hope

Navigating Your Faith Journey With Hope

Some people seem that they have a perfect life, but in truth, everyone is going through their own faith journey. Here is how God has moved in our faith journey.

Navigating Your Faith Journey With Hope

By many appearances, I have my life all put together. I was raised by great parents, have an amazing wife, and beautiful children whom I love dearly. But our life has had its share of trials over the last few years. Here is our faith journey.

Our Faith Journey

In 2014 my wife was pregnant with our 2nd son. We were so excited about this new gift. Our due date was in November.

Mid-September my wife was put on bed rest at 31 weeks. Ordinarily, this might not be that challenging but we had a newly walking toddler. So we had to have someone here at all times to help with both. As you can imagine this was a challenge.

Fast forward to October 11, my wife was upstairs, when I heard a sickening crash, followed by a blood-curdling scream. My wife had fallen and broken her ankle at 35 weeks pregnant.

This break took until almost March before she could walk on her own again. Meanwhile, we navigated surgeries, physical therapy sessions and the birth of our Mr. Dimples.

It would have been easy to be greatly discouraged during this time. But through the strength of Christ, our families, and our church, we navigated this time with hope in Christ.

Our Tragedy in Our Faith Journey

On September 29, 2015, we found out that my brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away. This was devastating to our family and especially to my sister.

But God is good. He has given us hope through this time and given my sister an incredible amount of strength and grace.

God has given my sister a platform to encourage others going through trials in their lives.

You can read her story here.

One more story for you.

Our Recent Faith Journey

A few months ago, in October 2016, I was brought into my pastor’s office and was told that they could no longer afford to have me on as a full-time student pastor.

The last few months have been a crazy time, seeking employment, working odd jobs for a real estate investor and seeking God’s Will for our lives.

We got pretty close a few times to being hired on at a church but to no avail.
But we know that God is in control and that he has a plan for us. We look at the future with hope.

I was talking with my neighbor a few weeks ago and was updating him on our life. He could not believe our attitude. In at time that we should be mad, depressed, and stressed out, we are living with hope for tomorrow.

God has been working in our lives to put a resource together for parents. We are waiting for some final details to come in place, but meanwhile, I have been working on it.

It is a membership site that will equip parents to have life-changing conversations with their children. There will be courses to take, expert interviews, a private FB group and many more resources for parents.

I am looking forward to telling you more about this in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward with hope for tomorrow. I think of the song, Because He Lives I can Face Tomorrow. Christ gives us hope.

This has been our faith journey that we are going through.

What is your faith journey?

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