Listening to Those Around You Who Are Hurting

Do we listen to what is going on around us? Do we listen to more than just the words?

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I remember back in the fall, I was talking with one of our new adult leaders and they mentioned something to the affect of: “Are any of our students hurting? They seem like they have everything together. “

I then proceeded to share about some of what some of our students have been going through. While doing so I was reminded that, a, we live in a broken world, and b, that people around us are hurting.

The truth is that many of the people around us that seem to have it all together don’t.

All it takes is turning on the news, or any other social media platform and you can see and hear about the people that are hurting in this world.

Many of the people around us that who seem to have it all together don’t. Click To Tweet

As a follower of Christ, we are to look out for those who are hurting. So how are we to do that?

  1. When we are in conversation with others, listen to them. Listen to the person in the checkout line; listen to your coworker, spouse, friend, fellow church member or a stranger. In conversation are we listening to what they are saying?
  1. The people that you are talking to, can you tell if they are hurting? Typically, you can tell by observing their tone of voice or attitude. There are so many around us who are hurting and desperately needing prayer, love and support.
  1. As you are listening and observing, look for ways to show love and minister to them. This might mean something as simple as praying for them, or adding them to your prayer list. Or, it might mean doing something. Often times, just saying something and listening, is what people need.

Are you listening to the hurting going on around you?


How can you better listen and respond to those around us who are hurting with love?


What is an example of that happening in your life? I would love to hear!

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