Leaving a Legacy of a Spiritual Life

Legacies are built over time. As I have experienced recently, it does not take a lot of time to do so. In a previous post I shared the 4 legacies that we leave behind:

  • Our Lives
  • Our Faith Passed On
  • Our Family
  • Our Friends

Each one of these is important to develop as you build a legacy.

As we look to pass on our legacy to those around us we must first look at our own lives. Now I know you can make an argument for each one to work on and do first. I guess, in reality, we work on all of them as we live.

Leaving A Legacy of Our Spiritual Lives

But when we read the Bible and apply it to our lives it changes us. The powerful Word of God changes our lives, words, actions, relationships, attitudes, families, friends and faith as we look to pass our legacy on to others.

There can be no permanent change apart from the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Click To Tweet

God must be the center of every change in our lives.

So as we examine each one of these legacies we need to start with our own lives. As we do, we need to look at developing our spiritual lives.

Here are the main spiritual disciplines to develop:

Bible Study – Spend time everyday reading and or studying God’s Word. There are many ways to do it and many strategies to be consistent. The main goal is to make it a habit and let it change your life. You can read the Bible your whole life and never let it change you. The Bible must change us from the inside out. Let it.

Prayer – Fellowship with God through prayer is vital to our spiritual growth as Christians. Prayer molds us to God’s Will and plan for our lives. God uses prayer to speak to us, comfort us, and more. A praying person is a growing person. If you are not spending time in prayer, you are not growing in your relationship with God.

Memorization – This is a hard one to develop. When I was a boy I went through the Awana program and memorized many Scripture verses. And in college I had to memorize many verses to do well on my tests. While I learned much during those times, it has been very difficult for me to keep up memorizing Scripture. While this is an area for growth, I have seen and experienced the benefit of Scripture memorization in my life. I cannot tell you how many times, God has brought different passages to mind while speaking, counseling, talking with people or going through life circumstances. Check out the app RememberMe.

Worship – This is attending church regularly and incorporating worship in our daily lives. We need our church family to help us grow spiritually. It helps us to be better-rounded followers, and encourages us. Pandora radio and other tools are great to listen to worship songs and aid in daily worship.

Obedience – The natural flowing of our spiritual lives should be reflected in our obedience to Christ. We obey in fulfilling the Great Commission and in the practice of scripture reading and prayer. Often they are principles that we apply to our lives that enact change. The Christian walk is one of action, not just knowledge. While obedience is not easy, we are given the help of the Holy Spirit.

These are the main disciplines that came to mind.

My prayer is that as I practice these disciplines, my family, friends and others will catch on and their lives influenced because of it.

What discipline would you add?

How have you been influenced by someone else’s spiritual disciplines?

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  1. What a true statement. “Legacies are built over time.” You are also exactly right it doesn’t take a lot of time to make one, but it takes more than one action. It requires a person to be consistent and is the result of several actions or events that leave no question about an individual’s character and legacy.

    Reading the articles lately about legacy has me thinking about one thing that seems to sadden me. The one thing I realized in my life about those close to me I’ve lost over time. We don’t recognize the legacy and character of people until after they are gone.

    It is during the time of reflection and celebration of one’s life do we see how impactful and powerful they are. Sometimes we take for granted people and what they are willing to do for others, and it just becomes normal but it isn’t normal, and I sometimes feel I failed to show appreciation directly to them.

    Though this isn’t the end, it is never the end, and it is never over. A legacy can leave an impact for years and decades to come after that. Telling the stories of the person and sharing the experiences that one has had with that person can be just as impactful if not more impactful. The life and legacy of so many people have been captured and retold over and over.

    A legacy doesn’t exist without those who have been impacted retelling the lessons learned and shared experiences. This is what makes a legacy. It is the power of the experience that has left a lasting impression on another’s life.

    I think a discipline to add and develop is confession and forgiveness.

    You’re doing great work Jeremy. Fight the Good Fight. Stay Strong.

    1. Thank you Kirby! Your encouragement keeps me writing.

      You brought up some great points about Legacy. Within the first day of my Patrick passing away, his sister started a FB group for people to post stories and memories of Patrick. People left countless stories and ways that he impacted him. His church did something that I had never seen before and they opened up their media center and staff (it is a large church) to anyone who wanted to come in and record a message, memory or story of Patrick for his 3 boys. Talk about some tear jerkers. I still have not watched all of them.

      Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom on this subject!

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    These are great points about building a spiritual legacy. I think many people focus on their legacy in terms of the work they do or even their family name, but don’t think about the legacy they create with their walk with Christ.

    If I were to add one I would say Discipleship. It is so important to be discipled and to disciple others. If you aren’t pouring your life into someone else you are missing an opportunity–whether it be your spouse, your kids, your family, or someone at your church.

    We grow the deepest when we share experiences with others and our faith is no exception. I love the saying “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Share what you’ve learned, where you are growing, where you are challenged and you might just help someone else.

    Thanks for the reminder to make a habit of spiritual disciplines and to build a legacy that is consistent with our actions!


    1. I totally agree with you about adding discipleship to the list. I actually ended up adding it to the next post, and will be doing several additional posts in this series on it. Currently I have been reading a lot of books on Discipleship and have been training our students to be disciple makers. “We grow the deepest when we share experiences with others and our faith is no exception.” It is amazing how much discipleship is caught as well as taught. Thank you for adding to this conversation!

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