Knowledge Practiced

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Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord gives wisdom;

 from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;
Let’s focus on the word wisdom. The word wisdom speaks of the practical use of knowledge and understanding in daily living.

Wisdom has skill, is shrewd, has prudence, and is clever.

Since having our first child my wife and I have not stopped reading articles and parts of different books on raising children. We live in the world where vast knowledge is at the press of a button. In that sea of knowledge it is easy to think that we know how to live and act. But in that we often fail to realize our need for wisdom in applying said knowledge to our every day lives.

As parents we need knowledge on how to become better parents, but most of all we need the wisdom that can only come from God to show us how to take that knowledge and apply with skill in our lives. Wisdom applies with skill knowledge to our daily lives.

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