Keys To Keeping A Spiritual High


Every year Christians attend camps, conferences, and incredible worship services. At these experiences it is very common to come away with a spiritual high (this is typically very emotional) or mountain top experience.  While this is an amazing thing, the bad part is that the spiritual high for most wears off quickly.

Looking back on my high school years, I would often come away from camp on a spiritual high. This high typically lasted a few weeks for me before I settled back into my old habits. Then I would be challenged again by a powerful message and have that spiritual fervor again and then shortly afterwards fall away again. And this pattern would keep repeating itself until I was about 19 years old.

Going through these experiences I learned a lot about continuing on in my relationship with God with passion.

Before I share some keys there is something you need to know.

It is impossible for a Christian to always be on a spiritual high.

However through having a consistent walk with God, a Christian can have a close and passionate relationship with God that will last. The Christian life is always filled with ups and down but when having a deeper relationship with Christ it keeps things steady. The highs might not be a huge mountaintop but the valleys are not the lowest places either, rather the worshiper will steady be increasing in relationship with God.

So here are a few things that I have learned.

1.     Consistency

Consistency is the main key to keeping a spiritual high. This refers to spending consistent time with God. This must become a habit. My suggestion is to pick a time of day, a specific place and a Bible reading plan. But you must stay consistent.

2.     Prayer

Along with spending daily time win the Bible comes spending consistent time with God through prayer. Find a place and time to pray. And begin a prayer list or some items that you can pray over.

3.     Accountability

Accountability best happens within the local church. Every believer needs to be surrounded by others who can encourage and challenge them.  This comes through regular and consistent participation in the local church, specifically through small groups and or discipleship/accountability groups.

These are a few things that I have learned and put into practice. I pray this has helped and encouraged you.

What are some ways that you have used to help you keep your spiritual high?

I would love to hear your thoughts.




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