I Am a Noise Addict!

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If you are anything like me you have a busy life.

This past year we had our second child. Both are under the age of two. I promise we are not crazy yet! I have been busy running a full student ministry and baseball ministry schedule as well. And I am currently in seminary.

It has been a fun time, always going! I have had some great ministry opportunities at school and with regular life. It is a great time in life with family and ministry.

However, being still and without noise is hard for me. I always have to have something going on. I am constantly looking at my phone and checking it. Did I get any new social media updates??

When I am in my office, I play one of my favorite Pandora stations as I work on things. At home I often turn on the TV to watch Sports Center, or one of our favorite shows on HGTV/DIY/ or Food Network while I watch our kids or do working on other things.

If I am walking somewhere around church or at home, I am typically looking at my phone constantly feeding myself with information and the noise that comes from this. My life is filled with noise and sometimes I am afraid of silence. I find that I crave it but avoid it at the same time. It even carries over to checking my phone and doing some reading on it before going to bed.

I admit….. I am addicted to noise!!!!!!

God is working in my life right now regarding noise.

Are you addicted to noise?

Do you see it as a good addiction or bad?

If bad, what are some ways that you are doing to help you focus and give you clarity through the noise?


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