Humility In Christ

Proverbs Image

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with the humble is wisdom.

Proverbs 11 is a chapter full of wisdom about all aspects of life. There is no central theme in this chapter so I am just going to focus on one verse.

The first part of the verse focuses on the negative and implies that when one is prideful a fall or disgrace will come about. The Bible speaks often against the sin of pride. As a man, one of  the main sins that men struggle with is pride. Pride can come in many forms; OCD, stubbornness,refusing to change, an outgoing pride, and even a quiet pride that most cannot even see. Sometimes only the person struggling with pride is the only one that knows about it. Pride can bring one to view themselves as greater than all, pride led Eve to eat of the apple. Pride is the root of many sins.

Keep away from being prideful. Unfortunately this will always be a constant struggle, but a struggle with which we must conquer through Christ. In Philippians 2, Paul gives Christ as the example of humility. Christ thought of others higher than himself and gave himself for us. This too must be our attitude.

We must put Christ first and others second above ourselves.

We must be teachable. Be open to change. Be open to constructive criticism, always trying to better ourselves.

Have a good attitude when learning, knowing that we do not know everything.

These are just a few practical ways to live with more humility in our lives. May we live our lives in humility and grow in the grace of Christ and His humility.

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