How To Take Action?

How can we take action against the declining morality of this world?

In my last post, Are we too complacent to act? I brought up the subject of needing to act upon the injustices and the evil that are in the world.

But what can we do to take action? 


One of the reasons for many of these problems is the failure of generations past not passing on their faith. Now there is a generation that does not have the biblical, Gospel truth to know what to do.

Here is a small list: 

Sex/Human Trafficking: Check out End It Movement for resources and connections to people around the country and world who fight against trafficking.

Feeding the Hungry: Google or look for places around you that give people food. This might be a homeless shelter or a food pantry. Seek to find a place that shares the Gospel. Food for the stomach and food for the soul.

Divorce Rate: If you are married, lead by example. Demonstrating a life-long commitment is paramount to turning the tide. Next teaching the next generation about dating and living a self-less marriage. Other action steps might be serving the single moms, dads and children of a divorce.

Demonstrating a life-long commitment is paramount to turning the tide of divorce. Click To Tweet

In ministry I come across many students from divorced home. They long for adults to be in their lives pouring into them and loving them. Many single moms are in financial needs, look for ways to support them. Pray for ways to serve.

Pornography: First set up accountability or blocking software. Check out and Safe Eyes. There are other software out there as well. Learn more about it so that you can properly talk about it from the biblical and scientific perspective. For this check out

Sanctity of Marriage: Educate yourself on the issue from a biblical perspective. As a Christian if we are going to stand up for marriage then we must demonstrate it in our lives first. We need to be willing to stand up for the truth. However, we do so in love. Have conversations not a debate. Seek to love, serve those who believe differently.

Planned Parenthood: Search for letters to send to congress. There are several places where you can sign a petition or send an email to Planned Parenthood or congress.

Abortion: Look for places like, The Hope Center or other support places that offer counseling, support, medical advice, sonograms and more. The place near me has men come in to help mentor some of the young fathers. Look for a way to give and support. Adopt a child. Support young mothers. There are many other ways that you can serve.

As you seek for a way to act, know that there is more needs than you can help with.

For many this is simply equipping those around you.

Yesterday a fellow blogger ( and reader Kirby said this in regards to taking action.

“Many of the causes I support have affected my life in some way. It is very difficult to spread myself across many things that I care about so I have to focus on those most important to me. I also weigh in on those things that I think I can have an effect and change on.” – Kirby Ingles

This is some great wisdom. Kirby said something to this extent:

  1. Look for something that you care about 
  2. Focus on what is the most important thing
  3. Don’t spread yourself too thin 
  4. Seek  you can make a difference

What are some ways that you have taken action? 

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