How To Pray For A Student Going To Camp


Every year in most Christian Churches, students and sometimes children are sent off to a summer camp.

Typically the purposes of summer camp two fold. 1. To share the Gospel with everyone, and 2. To challenge each person to grow deeper in their faith and give the tools to grow.

This is often a great time for students to be refreshed, challenged and encouraged in their faith before heading back to school. Many people have had their life radically impacted by their time at camp.

Maybe you are a sponsor of a student, you have a child/student that is going or you know of someone who is going to camp. So how can you pray for them during this week ad after?


1. Pray for God to break their hearts over their sins and to start a revival in their heart. Maybe they need to become a Christian at camp?

2. Pray that God would give them a thirst for God’s Word.

3. Pray for them to open to what God has to say, through Bible reading and the speakers?

4. Pray for them to be refreshed from the week. Pray that their spiritual battery would become full again ready to go back to school.

5. Pray that God would use this week in their lives for them to share the Gospel with others when they get back. Take a school over for Christ.

6. Pray for traveling safety and safety/health at camp.


1. Pray that God would continue to work in their lives.

2. Pray for consistency. Often students come back after a camp spiritual high but lose it when they lose their consistency.

3. Pray that God would use them this year and what they learned from camp.


How have you prayed for students before camp/

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