How to Pray For A Mission Team

tumblr_nhxajdqqt81u732o3o1_1280How to Pray For A Mission Team

Every year missions teams are sent out from churches to serve, partner with churches across the world in order to bring the Gospel to others. Well how can you pray for a team?


1. Plan a time. Maybe set your alarm clock to go off every day at the same time to remind you to pray. If you can pick a time for every day, you will insure that you will pray for your team.

2. Pray for the individuals. Some churches offer prayer cards with the names of everyone going on it, you can use that. If not meet several people going on that team and pray for them specifically leading up to that and throughout the trip.

3. Pray Specifically. Try to get your hands on a rough schedule. This will allow you to pray more specifically during the trip. Also, if your are sponsoring someone through prayer ask them for ways to pray for them.

4. Pray diligently. People going on mission are always under spiritual, emotion and sometimes physical attack. Be constant with your prayer.

5. Pray for opportunities. Pray for the Gospel to be heard and for people to respond. Pray for God ordained opportunities.

6. Pray for God to work. Pray that God would work in the lives of those going and in the lives of the people where the team is going.

7. Pray for health and safety. Pray the God would give good health and forsafety for the team as thwy travel. This is a huge need.

If you know of a team that is going on a mission trip, pray for them.

How do you pray for mission teams?

What would you add to this list?


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