How To Have Personal Worship Time

When talking about prayer we quickly think about asking God for things.  But how often do we think of worship? Worship should be an integral part of our prayer life and our lives in general.


Worship should be a daily habit not something that only happens in a worship service.

I remember going to camp every year in high school. One of my favorite things at camp was the worship time, there is just nothing like worshipping at a large camp.

My senior year, I got really into cheering for our team (the camp separated all students into different teams) and I lost my voice on the first day. I was so bummed out. Here I was at camp and I could not sing at all.

Through this week God began to teach me that worship was most importantly from the heart not just the mouth.

As I went through college I learned the value of worship as a way of life (Romans 12:1) and worshipping Christ daily.

So here are a few things that I was challenged with and what I have learned.

1.     Make a list. In the C.A.T.S pattern for prayer A stands for Adoration. Adoration is the worship of who God is. That means the worship of the character and person of God. So make a list or find a list of the names of God or character of God.

2.     Pray through a Psalms. Take a Psalm and read through or memorize it and pray it back to God. I would suggest Psalms 103, 148, 150 and there is so much more.

3.     Pray through a song.  Maybe look up the lyrics to your favorite worship song or a song from the latest service you have attended. I use to pray through God of the City and Always.

4.     Look for resources. Find a good book on the names of God. Knowing God by J Packer is a good one. Many people I know would recommend this book.

5.     Pray without asking. See how long you can go in prayer without asking God for anything and just spend time worshipping God.

6.     Worship while getting ready.  As you are getting ready in the morning use that time to worship God.

7.     Worship while driving. While you are heading to work or church on Sunday, turn on some music and worship.

Some of the most meaningful worship happens without music. Click To Tweet

Worship is a matter of the heart. You can worship God in the car, in your house or wherever without any music.

My favorite time to worship is while I am getting ready. If the kids are still sleeping then it is hard for me to play music. But whenever everyone is awake, I love to put my phone on a Pandora worship station and just sing away. I am a great shower singer, or at least I tell myself.

No matter what you do, incorporate worship into your prayer life and in your regular life.

How do you incorporate worship into your daily life?

What is your favorite song, Psalm or verse that you like to worship and pray with?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Here are some the the resources that I mentioned above and some others that might help.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wanting to take my relationship to the next level and worship keeps popping up. Unfortunately, most are for a service and I needed something more intimate. This is an excellent start!! Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    1. Thank you Karena! I am glad that was an encouragement to you. Have you looked up the lyrics to some of the older hymns? Songs like, How Great Thou Art and Blessed Assurance are some great ones.

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