How to Comfort Someone Through Loss

Throughout our lives, we will encounter people who have lost loved ones, and people who are hurting. It might be a going to a funeral or comforting someone going through a difficult situation. So how do comfort them? 


This week (April 2015), my wife’s grandmother passed away. While she was a godly woman, it was still hard on my wife who lost someone whom she loved. Going through this, I have walked with my wife through this mourning process. Comforting those hurting is not an easy thing and each person is different.

So how do we comfort those who are mourning?

Here are a few suggestions:

Be quiet. The last thing that, one who is mourning or hurting needs, is someone who is just running his or her mouth. Often they are familiar with many Christian sayings and truth regarding death and trials. While these statements are truth, what people who are hurting need most, is not someone who shares a lot but someone who is willing to sit silently beside them through the process. Listen to them and their story.

Be present. What they need most is someone just to be with them and comfort them through the mourning. This means staying by their side and letting them know that you are there for them and praying for them.

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Be loving. The people in your lives need to know that you love and care for them. Hugs work wonders in this time. People need a shoulder to cry and rest on. Seek for ways to show them love. But most importantly, be quiet, listen, be with them and show them love.

Allow God to open up opportunities to share biblical truth and encouragement. But right now, they just need a listening, loving person near them to help them through their time.

What are some ways that you have helped comfort someone through a difficult time?

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  1. Great advice! I think the temptation is to comfort the person by telling them of a similar experience but as you pointed out, they just need someone to be present and listen! If you have the opportunity, sharing a memory of the person seems to bring joy It’s like gaining a new memory even though the person is gone.

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