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How to Be Pro-Life Past Birth Date

toddler wearing head scarf in bed
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Abortion is unmistakably murder, but how can we as Christians carry our pro-life stance past the day of birth? 

Life continues after birth. If a mother with an unplanned pregnancy (someone who could pursue abortion) has the baby, what would their lives look like after birth?

Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for my wife. She keeps our family running smoothly. As parents, we share parental responsibility and love for our 4 amazing children. She is a super mom and super wife wrapped up in one. 

As a Christian, I try to lead by serving my wife and family. I do not always succeed in this, but that does not stop me. Every day I am needed to help with our children. Sometimes, my wife cannot help and I take care of the kids for a few hours or so by myself. Each time I am grateful for her getting back to help. I am not sure how she does it each day. That is why she is my superwoman!

I cannot imagine being a single parent. Children are a HUGE blessing but there is a lot of work involved. Two parents are vital in order to help balance the parental role. 

Why do I say this? 

Because being a parent is not easy, but being a single parent is a lot harder. 

When a young mother is convinced to keep her child, she still has to raise her child. Does our pro-life stance move past birth? 

There is no cut-and-dry situation. Each person is different.

I follow a Facebook page, Choice42, and its founder Laura Klassen. Below is a response she wrote to a previous post of hers.

Laura Klassen

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So, here’s my response to all the crazy that happened after I posted a quote a few days ago suggesting that ‘women who have an abortion have been wronged by society’.

I’m in an interesting position in the movement because half of what we do is activism for the preborn… the other half is connecting with women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Recently in an interview, I was asked (in my experience)what the number one reason a woman gets an abortion is. I didn’t have to think for a second, the answer was so obvious:


Do you know the pregnant woman who was seeking refuge at a maternity home only to have her pimp show up and order her into the car where she was driven to her abortion appointment booked by him? I do.

Do you know the young woman who was kicked out of her home and abandoned by her family until she gave in and had an abortion? I do.

Do you know the married mother of two whose husband threatened to divorce her and take their two boys with him unless she aborted their unplanned third? I do.

I’m not saying this is the reason in every circumstance… I know full well it’s not. Babies are being aborted because of reckless one-night-stands or selfish personal reasons.

But if you want to talk numbers, I’d say the vast majority of women who get an abortion do it because of heavy pressure and coercion.

And these women post-abortion? Yeah, they’re suffering. They aborted their own baby because they “didn’t have a choice.”

So I challenge you to meet post-abortive women with compassion rather than condemnation.

Yes, abortion is wrong. Yes, abortion kills a tiny human… which is the greatest injustice of it all… but with every abortion, there are at least two victims… and the one who lives carries a hole in her heart for the rest of her life.

Here is a link to her post:

You see, these mothers do not have perfect lives, their lives are filled with hurt, pain, despair, worry, uncertainty and more. These are women who need love, support, counseling, and finances to keep afloat. 

I cannot begin to fathom what each of these ladies is going through when they are deciding to have a child, raise them or give them up for adoption. 

I do know what my Bible says: 

“Love your neighbor as yourself” – Mathew 22:40

This is the second greatest commandment. The first is: Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. 

  1 John 1:19 We love because he first loved us. 

The reason that we are to love others is that God loved us first and God his Son Jesus died on the cross for our sins. We love because He loves. Our love must be based on God’s love for us. 

This commandment to love our neighbor is not predicated on a person’s gender, race, age, or wealth. Our commandment to love is unconditional. 

In response to the topic at hand, our love is to extend to any unwed mother or mother with an unwanted pregnancy. 

  • James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

This is only one of many verses that address the church’s response to widows and those in need. Below is a link to a great article on this with a lot more verses.

How can we serve unwed mothers?

  • Find a local Pregnancy Care Center, support them financially, and serve them
  • If you know someone unwed, see if they need any help with clothes, diapers, or baby items that are needed

How can we serve single mothers?

  • Support their needs when they have babies in the home
  • Serve them as they need help. Sometimes this is helping to move things, other times it is to help take care of children
  • Support them through the local church. Some single parents have the basics taken care of, but they need help sending their kids to camps or help knowing how to raise their children, especially spiritually.
  • Pray for them

What are some of the issues that can lead some people to want to abort their children? *These are my opinions and are not exhaustive as each person is different

  • No Support – financial or from family
  • Pressure from parents
  • Pressure from boyfriend or lover
  • Pressure from friends
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Viewing a child as an inconvenience to a free life
  • Sex traffickers (This is a MAJOR contributor to the abortion industry) – abortion clinics do not check who is bringing someone in so the trafficker gets off free while the victim becomes a double victim:( – This is absolutely heartbreaking
  • Freedom from having consequences from having sex outside of marriage

While there are probably more leading issues, these are some heavy ones that are heartbreaking. There are many solutions that could be given for these. Many nonprofits work to help trafficking victims, unwed mothers with needs, and more.

So what can we do? Look for ways to serve others and help the individuals and organizations that are seeking to assist and care for unwed mothers.

See the hope that is there. Here is a letter I wrote to those who have gotten an abortion. There is also justice for those that are victimizing others (See the book of Revelation and the Bible as the Bible teaches that God will be the Judge and bring justice to wrongdoers).

Many other topics deal with being prolife after birth, which Lord willing we will get to at some point in time.

Meanwhile, we pray, love, and serve others.

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