How Thanking God Strengthens Prayer Life


We are taught early on as Christians to thank God for the things in our lives, specifically giving thanks before we eat. But how can thanking God strengthen our prayer life?


The third part of the acronym C.A.T.S is Thanksgiving or giving thanks.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of giving thanks is, praying over my food before I eat. Typically it involves a certain pattern.

Something like: “Thank you for this day, or things that happened in the day, bless this food to our bodies, thank you for this food, Amen.”

I have found that each family has a variation of saying a prayer of Thanksgiving before each meal.

Do you have a pattern for praying over your food?

The other thing that comes to mind is America’s Thanksgiving holiday. During the month of November we are more prone to thank God for His blessings and we eat heavenly food (my favorite is mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy).

Often we leave giving thanks at that day or other holidays such as Mothers day, Fathers day etc.

So this leaves the questions how can this strengthen our prayer life and how can we practice giving thanks on a consistent basis?

Giving God thanks, gives glory to God while keeping us humble and grateful for all that God has done.

Giving God thanks, gives glory to God while keeping us humble and grateful for all that God has done. Click To Tweet

So as we incorporate thanks into our prayer life it affects our attitude and the way that we pray. Without out giving thanks, we can easily get into a “Me” first mentality while praying which is very unhealthy.

So how can you bring this into your regular prayer life?

  • Make lists. Even if this list is just in your mind. Write down a list of things for which you are thankful. Be specific as possible as you go through this. Maybe, use broad categories and as you pray get specific. Here are a few category suggestions:
    • Salvation
    • Creation
    • Family
    • Work
    • Food
    • Home
    • Etc.
  • Look out. As you go about your day, be looking for things to be thankful for and give thanks. As you walk, drive or go about your daily life give thanks.
  • Change your meal prayers. I know it will be very hard to go away from the pattern that your family uses but try to branch away every time and be specific in how you are thanking God that day before eating.

I pray that adding Thanksgiving into your prayer life will strengthen you in your relationship with God.

How do you incorporate giving thanks into your prayer life?

Do you have a prayer pattern that you pray as a family before a meal? I would love to hear it?

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