How Should We Pray Paris, ISIS and The World?

How Should We Pray For Paris, ISIS and The World?

Our hearts and prayers go out to all families and people in Paris and Kenya. Last weeks attacks were atrocious and unconscionable. These attacks have caused many to think and respond in different ways.

How Should We Pray Paris, ISIS and The World?

All are praying for Paris and Kenya.

But with that, many Christians have been perplexed at what their response should be. Should we pray for our enemies, pray for their demise, be angry, go to war, or what should our response be? And what about all the refugees that are being uprooted?

Let’s tackle these different issues.

How should we be praying for the people in Paris and Kenya?

  • Pray for God to provide peace, forgiveness, hope and healing. There are many who are wounded and we need to pray for God to heal.
  • Pray for wisdom for all the governing officials across the world to make wise decisions. Nations and people will go to war over this tragedy. Wisdom is greatly needed. Pray for your leaders and the decisions needing to be made.
  • Pray for salvation. God is the author of peace and salvation. May we pray that the God of peace will bring salvation to many people. This is the number one things that needs to happen. The Gospel must be shared. Christ is the hope of all nations. – Colossians 1:27 To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Matthew 12:21 “and in his name the Gentiles will hope.”
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How should we pray for these mass murderers who call themselves ISIS?

One of my life-long friends said this.

“Feel like I’m schizophrenic… One minute I am filled with wrath and want the government to declare war and go nuclear on radical Islam …and then the next minute I am quietly reminded to pray for my enemies and bless those who curse us. Need something …a book, a sermon, anything that will help me reconcile these two extremes. It’s driving me crazy!” Amber

This is a dilemma that I have seen all over social media the last few days.

Do we pray for our enemies?

Matthew 5:43-44 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Yes! The Bible is clear about this. We must pray for them.

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As a Christian I believe that all who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord will not go to heaven. But I greatly desire for all to go to heaven. Jesus died on the cross for the Jihadist as much as he died for me.

We need to pray that God would save many of them. It can happen just look at the Apostle Paul (Acts 9). I have seen many articles in recent years talking about the conversions of many in Iran and other Middle East countries. The Gospel is being spread in that regions, we must pray.

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What about praying that they would die?

I do not know about you but hearing about these attacks infuriates me, and rightfully so. Our hearts should always hurt when we see the injustices of the world.

In one post from Russell Moore, he points out Romans 13:4 that the government is to provide God ordained justice on wrong- doing.

As a child I was always taught that there would be consequences for my actions. Whether they would good or bad.

Dr. Moore shared that even though the thief on the cross became of follower of Christ at the end of his life, it did not remove the consequences for his actions. God can save the jihadists but God brings justice for wrong doing as well.

I think of King David, he would often curse his enemies in his writings. When you see that David strived to please God, and God was on his side then the attacks against David were also attacks against God. And David boldly asked God for His justice.

So yes, we can pray for salvation but also pray for justice to be served.

Well what about the refugees?

This is another question that has been coming up frequently.

In the Old Testament, when God gave Israelites new laws, He gave them the command to take care of the exile/sojourner/ foreigner among them. His reason was because Israel was also once and sojourner in a land that was not theirs.

We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We are told to love others and to provide for those less fortunate that we are.

But to bring this topic full circle, in the conversation we must also keep our families in mind to protect them.

I honestly do not know what the best answer is for that. I know what my heart and mind say, but I also am not in charge.

So in conclusion:

  1. Pray for Paris, Kenya, their families and all involved
  2. Pray for our Governments
  3. Pray for Salvation
  4. Pray for Justice
  5. Pray for the refugees – Here is a great article sharing the needs and facts about Syrian Refugees
  6. Pray for the Government to have wisdom with the refugees and for Christians to have wisdom in ministering to the different needs
  7. Look for ways to serve the needs of those who are hurting

I pray that this has helped you as your struggle with some of these questions.

What are your thoughts?

How can we pray better for this situation?

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