Fueling Yourself Up During Summer



Fueling Yourself Up During Summer

This school year is winding down and summer is about to begin. For most people it has been a busy year and we are in need of some rest. Summer tends to be used for down time from a busy year. There are weeks that are really busy (if you’re involved in ministry you have vbs, camp, mission trip and other activities), and you have weeks that are planned vacation time with your family.


This year has been a busy one for me. I have been very involved with the local school in their sports, we had our weekend retreat, I was in charge of fall and spring baseball and much more. It has been an incredible year seeing God work in my life, family and in our student’s life at church. But very busy.


I have been challenged lately through reading and others about leading from a full cup. Throughout the year we give, give, give and often fail to recharge, and then we lead from empty.


The summer is the perfect time to take advantage of some natural down time. So the challenge I have for myself is to plan some ways this summer to grow spiritually and emotionally. This way I can lead from a full cup going into a busy school year. I am making some goals and challenging myself in some areas that will enable spiritual growth.

Here are some ideas for filling up: these will help you as you make plans.

1. Reading the Bible

2. Spending time praying

3. Spend time alone just thinking – no tv, phone or distractions

4. Reading books – self-help, devotional, leadership, fiction or other non-thinking outlet that you can find that helps you unwind.


What are some of your spiritual goals for the summer?


How are you leading yourself spiritually?


How will you fill your cup this summer?

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