Four Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Be Teachable?

_DSC9423Four Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Be Teachable?

One of the hardest things in life and ministry is being teachable.

We are taught that it is a good thing. Yet it is so very hard to do on a consistent basis.

Growing up as a young child, I was always taught to listen and obey my elders. Now I had my moments and times where obedience was very far from me. Trust me, my sore bottom was a great teacher during those times.

As I grew older I was taught how to develop an independent mind and think for myself. Because of this, often I was sure of my own thoughts and reasoning skills, and would not listen to others very well, or at least on the inside of my head.

Through the years and because of my personality I have been open to others speaking into my life. At times I have taken the criticism and advice well. But many times, while displaying on the outside a willingness to change, I did not want to change and rebelled against the criticism and instruction that I had received.

As my relationship with God has grown so has my desire to stay teachable. While I have grown in that area every year, it can still be a struggle.

So why is it so hard to be teachable? If this is such a desirable trait to have, why are there not more people who display this trait?

Here is what I think. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. Pride. Being teachable means that you are willing to put your own thoughts, feelings, habits, practices and beliefs aside in order to change.
  1. Fear of change. Learning something new often means change. And as people who like habits, it is hard for us to change. And most of the time we do not want to change.
  1. Unwilling to admit when we are wrong. Mistakes and bad decisions happen, and we need to own up and be willing to make the corrections needed.
  1. Being selfish. When we are all about ourselves, it is hard for us to take time and listen to others giving us constructive criticism.
  1. Attitude of Entitlement. When we believe that everything should just be handed to us and not earned, then it becomes hard to be teachable. Along with this, not hearing “no” in our lives can help breed this attitude. This attitude becomes prevalent when people always get their way instead of earning it.

I would love yo hear your thoughts!


Why do you think that it is difficult to be teachable? 



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