What this election cycle is teaching us about God and Morality

What This Election Cycle Reveals About God And Morality

This election cycle has been CRAZY. It has revealed a lot about our view of God and morality. Should morality and God stay out of politics? 

What this election cycle is teaching us about God and Morality

If you have been paying any attention to the political news this cycle you will quickly come to the realization that our choices this November is not clear-cut.

This past week was the Republican National Convention and this week was the Democratic National Convention.

My Facebook newsfeed has been riddled with articles and news regarding the presidential candidates. There is not much good to be said about our choices this November.

A few days ago I saw a post regarding a candidate that is pro-choice (Gary Johnson). I pointed that fact out and watched as many people started commenting regarding the abortion issue.

It was fascinating to watch the different perspectives in the defense of a woman’s choice to abortion.

I read an article recently by Matt Walsh on the same topic. The very first comment was from a man who was defending abortion.

Since I have been raised in a conservative Christian family, I find it interesting and helpful to read views that are opposite of mine.

The man stayed on commenting for over 100+ comments. Time and time again he defended his view that children are not human beings until they are outside of the womb. Before that they are just “homo sapiens.”

The main candidates for President are not people of good moral character.

The third party candidates might have some better character but still support the murder of the unborn.

This election has revealed the way people believe about morality, values and principles for which they live.

If our morality is chosen by whatever culture values then it can waiver wherever the wind blows.

Morality has to be dictated by someone outside of human kind that cannot be persuaded with words or money. That is absolute morality that can only come from God.

No matter how hard people are trying to keep God, religion and morality out of politics you can’t. I have seen several of my Christian friends hold to this view of keeping God and morality out of politics.

According to the Webster Dictionary morality is: “beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior.”

You see our view of morality comes from our belief in which God is, and this morality dictates how we treat all those around us.

We cannot separate morality from Government. To do so would bring anarchy.

God has given the world the Holy Spirit to be the conscience to hold the evil back. God has given the charge Christians to be the light of the world.

Our world is dark but the light of Christians helps keep the goodness of God still here. To take the moral compass of Christians out of politics is to leave our nation in the hand of individuals without a sense of morality because they have none.

Our view of God and morality is revealed in the way we treat Government and politics.

How is your view of God and morality reflected in this election cycle?

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  1. Your article is not very helpful. You simply state the obvious = There are no good choices. So what do you do when faced with nothing but bad choices. You rank them and chose the one that best fits your belief system. Not voting is the worst choice of all because you leave the outcome up to others. Voting for Gary Johnson is the next worse because he does not really want to be president. I am better informed on political and world issues than he is. And as you pointed out his morals are those of the 1960’s hippie crowd. Hillary Clinton is dishonest and makes bad choices under pressure. Donald Trump is hard to read through all the negative press he gets but I look at his family and coworkers and see very positive things. He is portrayed as a lose cannon but I simply see someone who is trying hard to learn the game. The business world is dog eat dog and Donald Trump has been very successful in that world. Given him or Hillary my gut and my spirit tells me he is the best choice.

    1. Post

      I tend to agree with you on your assessment of Trump. When writing this I wanted people to see that the root of our political choices and morality shows us what we believe about God and his authority as absolute! It is crazy how many things go back to your view of God. What do you think?

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