10 Blogs To Follow This Year

Every year we find more and more great blogs. Here are a few of my favorite ones from this year.

10 Blogs To Follow This Year

This year I have had the privilege of connecting and following some great blogs. Many of these people have been some of my biggest encouragers. They have given me some great comments on posts and have been people who have given me great wisdom and feedback to better this blog. I am incredible grateful for their support. They are also provide great insight and wisdom.

There are others that write some incredible content, I would love for you to check their sites out. Add them to your Feedly list, email or other way to subscribe.

10 Blogs To Follow This Year

Brittany Price http://brittanyprice.com

This is my sisters blog. She has been writing for a few years and is one of the godliest women I know. God has given her great peace and strength through the last few months after her husband’s death. She has begun writing recently and would be a huge challenge and encouragement to you.

Jed Jurchenko http://www.coffeeshopconversations.com

Jed started commenting and sharing some of my posts back in August. He has been one of my greatest encouragers. His wife has recently started writing with him. They write practical spiritual truths for families, blended families and relational truth for everyday living.

Kirby Ingles http://kirbyingles.com

Kirby writes on leadership and how to live an intentional life. He is a huge encourager to me. His writing is always challenging, and encouraging. Check out his site. Very Good! Tons of wisdom.

Cody Libolt www. ifwewilllive.com

If you want some deeper thinking writing this is the man for you. Cody writes philosophical spiritual truths. He writes on Christian’s roles in social justice. He posts about worship and spiritual truths. I bounce a lot of ideas off of him. He has given me great feedback and wisdom of which you benefit from.

Trip Kimball http://word-strong.com

Trip’s site is dedicated to discipleship. He has lots of wisdom regarding being a follower of Christ who makes disciples. For wisdom on this subject check out his site.

Matt Moore http://www.moorematt.org

Matt writes on current cultural topics as well as on a believers daily walk with Christ. His approach and background is different from most. He writes from authority and experience. He writes with grace.

Jarrid Wilson http://jarridwilson.com

Jarrid is a pastor and writer of several books. He is an excellent writer and one who I read. Take a look at his blog and purchase a few of his books.

Grace Esedeke http://www.graciousinsight.org

She has recently reached out to me. Check out her site. Lots of great challenges from scripture and encouragement in your walk with Christ.

Joshua Lind http://www.joshualind.com

Josh was one of the first people who encouraged me in writing. He has been a huge blessing. He writes on our experience and growth with Christ.

Garrett Kell http://garrettkell.com

I met Garrett a few years ago on a mission trip to Scotland. He is a pastor and wise man. I LOVE following him on twitter for great wisdom. You will find his blog challenging you with current events from the lens of Scripture. Can’t say enough.

These are some of the blogs I am following closely this year and would be honored if you would check out their sites and subscribe to read their posts.

Who are your favorite bloggers and writers this year? 

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  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Thank you for adding me to this great list. I’m definitely going to have to check out some of these other sites and like-minded friends of yours. I see some familiar names on here and can’t wait to connect with others. I would definitely love to hear more about the mission trip to Scotland.

    – Kirby

    1. Post

      Thank you again for being such a huge encouragement during these last few months. The group I went with was 20 Schemes https://20schemes.com. Unfortunately at the time my church was only there to see how we could partner with them and while we have not been able to, it is in the plans for the future. Beautiful country.

  2. Jeremy,

    Thank you for including me on this–what an honor! It’s fun to see so many mutual friends on this list, as well as some other, new sites, that I can’t wait to visit. Wishing you a blessed week!

    1. Post

      My pleasure. You have been such a huge encouragement to me to keep writing. You know how it is, when you feel that no one is reading. It is great to get great feedback and know that it is making a difference.

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