About Me

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This Is My Story

My Story.

I was born in a Christian home (my father was a pastor my first 9 yrs of life) and raised by amazing parents who demonstrated to me a a strong Christian walk and marriage.

I became a Christian at around 4 years of age. While growing up and going to church I learned a lot about the Bible. However all my Bible knowledge was from that and not because of owning my faith for myself.

Before my freshman year of college I finally became serious with my faith and started spending consistent time praying and reading the Bible for myself. I soon fell in love with my new relationship with God.

Between my freshman and sophomore year and college, God called me into full time ministry as a student pastor. I graduated from college with a degree in youth ministry and I have enjoyed being in full-time student ministry for over 5 years.

I then met my wife and shortly after getting my first ministry position we were married. We have 3 amazing children, 3 years old, 2 years old and 3 months. They are my pride and joy. As you can tell I have my hands full. I am extremely blessed to have an amazing wife and family.

About This Blog.

I started this blog as a place to encourage and equip people that are not in my student ministry. This is for the everyday person. I strive to write shorter posts so that you can read a post in five minutes or less.

I write articles that will help you grow in your faith and walk with Christ. I also write articles for people in student ministry or people that work with students.

Sometimes I write posts that will equip you with practical truths for today’s topics whether that is on apologetics or a current event. Or maybe this is a post on family or being a parent.

I greatly desire for all to grow in their faith, wether they are a parent, grandparent, student, college/young adult or even someone who is just trying to figure out what Christianity is all about. If I can help you grow in your faith and you in turn can help someone else that that is AWESOME!!

I am passionate about the Word of God and making it applicable in your daily life. Also, I love taking theology or harder topics and making them easier to understand and apply.

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