A Response To Same Sex Marriage


A Response To Same Sex Marriage 

There has been many different responses to the same sex marriage decision from the end of June, 2015. This has drawn up even more lines in the sand for people to choose sides. It does not take long on social media to see heated debates and sides being taken.

One thing that I have noticed in most of these debates is that people get so heated about their point of view that they never take take to look at it from the other side or to properly exam truths, facts and stories surrounding the issue.

As an evangelical conservative follower of Christ you can probably guess where I stand on this issue. Sometime in the future I plan on writing in more detail of what and why I believe. But for now I want to share with you a brief response to the decision.

How should we react to the SCOTUS Ruling?

1. Our hearts should break. Our hearts as Christians should break for the state of morality in America. This decisions just shows were we stand as a nation and world in regards to our morality. (Romans 1) We should be burdened by this and be praying daily with this in mind.

2. Right now it is the law. We do not agree with it as Christians and we will still hold to the higher authority of God. But the conversation will change and our conversation as Christians must change with it.

3. We must pray. I have been convicted lately of not praying enough for our nation. And ultimately for people to come to faith in Christ.

4. Stand fast on God’s Word. We must stand firm in the everlasting truth of God’s Word. This truth is timeless, and shares the Hope of the World found in Jesus. Upon this we must stand firm.

5. Love those around us. We must love those around us and especially those of the LGBT community. That means that we should not pick fights but to love them. It does not mean that we give up on truth but that in truth we show them a greater love that they have never seen. Practically we should not treat them differently than others but rather love them as Christ loves them.

6. Approach others with love. Many are hurting in the LGBT community and all around us and we cannot approach this subject in prejudice or animosity. I cannot overstate this. As Christians we have turned many off to the Gospel because of how we have treated this subject. So we must treat and approach this subject with love.

7. Our response should be in truth, and in love. We need to focus on the life changing power of the Gospel. Christ is the only one that can change lives. Not our fancy heated arguments but love. So stand in truth but with lots of love.

How do we talk about this with others?

  1. Listen- We need a conversation not an argument.
  2. Love. We need to love others no matter what. Everything we say and do should be in love.
  3. The Gospel has to be center of every conversation.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

What is your response to the Supreme Court decision? 

What would you add to the above response?

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