5 Responses To What Is Happening In Our Culture And World


Yesterday, July 14, 2015, I was looking on Facebook and other social and saw a video that began to trend, regarding planned parenthood.

This video soon sparked sharp debate and responses. And many people that supported abortion tried to discredit this video.

As a young father of two young baby boys, I have read several of the articles and several I could not read through because of the horrible details.

Abortion has always struck a nerve with me but for some reason this has struck to a new level, not only with me but with many Christians. And rightfully so. This should disturb the American people. While abortion should have disturbed us before, now that some of the details are starting to be made known, more people are being awakened to these dark truths.

This news is also just happened come out within a few weeks of the Supreme Court’s decision.

Here are a few responses to everything that is happening:

1. We should be disturbed by the morality of America. The decline of morality in America has now come out in full force. Many Christians in America have recently awakened to this current fact. Unfortunately, maybe a little too late.

As Christians we should be disturbed by the recent chain of events. But this should cause us to move and not to stay put.

2. This should being us to our knees. Now is the time for Christians to get on their knees and pray. We should be praying for ourself first (Matthew 7 – Log Speck Principle). Then we should begin to pray for our country. While praying, we should also be praying for God to give us wisdom on how to take action. Our hearts should break for our nation. And Christians around America should fight first on our knees.

3. We should stand for the truth. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund BurkeAs Christians we have the truth of God’s Word in our hands. We would teach these truths to upcoming generations (one reason for where we are today). We should also be prepared to defend and stand up for truth. And be looking for ways to take action. Marty Duren gives some ideas for Christians taking action. 

4. We should stand up for truth in love. The debate has moved into personal relationships. Because of this, any hot topic issues should be handled with care and with a LOT of love. All truth should be communicated and demonstrated with love. If we are not doing this then there will be no progress and the communication of truth will come to a standstill. Relationships are important, and love is the way to communicate truth relationally.

5. Show God’s grace. Regarding the abortion issue, many have had an abortion, then what about them? We should share the hope, joy, and and the forgiveness that only Christ beings. Share the good news of the Gospel and God’s abundant forgiveness with them. Don’t judge but show them the amazing love and forgiving power of the Gospel.

How do you react when you hear these events? 

I pray that God would break our hearts for our nation and that God would begin to open eyes and change lives.


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