5 Ideas To Recover From Being a Noise Addict

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5 Ideas To Recover From Being a Noise Addict

I am a Noise Addict!!

There I admitted it. That feels good. One of the hardest parts of changing is admitting what you need to change.

Hang on, one sec…

Ok cool, sorry I had to check and see if I got a text.

Ok we are back.

Noise can be so addicting. Now I know there are some noises that are not, such as fingernails on a chalkboard, ear piercing screams etc. But I am talking more about the noise of TV, music, but especially the noise of our phones.

Speaking of…. Hang on… Nope, false alarm… I thought my phone was vibrating in my pocket from a notification.

That can get annoying quick, yet that is what we do so much with our phones.

So, how do you recover from being a noise addict, specifically from our phones?


Some noise is good!!!

So here are some thoughts that might help as far as phone noise goes:

  1. Check your notification settings. Check your email, FB, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else you use. Each one should have a notification panel that lets you decide what will pop up on your phone and give you a notification.
  1. Uncheck as many boxes as you!!!! Attack it!! This will help you out greatly with silencing your phone.
  1. Plug your phone in to the charger. DURING THE DAY!!! Yes, you heard me. And no, it is not to charge your phone. This will help you put your phone out of reach and make it harder to hear when you get a notification.
  1. When at home, set a time to check your phone for notifications, emails or text messages that need your response. Then put it up and get back to your family.
  1. When at meal, especially a meal out, keep your phone in your pocket!!!!! Your spouse, friends and others will greatly appreciate this. Unless you are expecting a call from a VIP –AKA your children, baby sitter, parent or spouse. Only then should you take you phone out and see if it is from them. Otherwise keep it in your pocket!

I am still learning through this. But these are a few things I am working through right now or am already practicing.

I would love to hear from you!


What are some things that you have done to help you quiet the noise from your phone?





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