4 Resolutions To Make This Year

What kind of resolutions do you make each year? Is it to become a better person? Or what about becoming a better leader? Every year around January 1st, people make resolutions to start from scratch and change their lives. 

4 Resolutions To Make In 2016

Every year my executive pastor has us fill write out some goals for the next year. The goals have to be a SMART goal. This stands for:

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time-bound

Make SMART goals this year. Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time-bound Click To Tweet

By following this principle you are more likely to make wiser choices in making your goals. These goals will be easier to achieve if they are clarified, you can can measure it, the goal is within your means, it stretches you but not above your capabilities, and you have specified a time when you want to have accomplished it.

Many people just come up with a list. These lists could range from 5 random things to 20+ but typically do not have a focus.

I have combed it down to 4 main areas to make my resolutions or goals around.

Spiritual Resolutions

This is the most important category. Some resolutions you might want to have here might be: Bible reading planning, Scripture memory, prayer, or other spiritual goal.

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Relational Resolutions

This area would include resolutions on being a better husband, father, friend, or coworker. Be thinking through ways that you can go the extra mile. In regards to family, be thinking of goals that will strengthen your family.

Physical Resolutions

This is the most common resolution of most people. Health people say that you ned to work out 3-5 days a week. For many people it is setting a work out routine and or setting better eating habits. For me I am aiming to make better sleeping habits on top of the first two. Whatever it is, set a goal and stick with it.

Reading Resolutions

One leadership guru, Jay Strack, says that, “Leaders Are Readers.” A simple goal is to read 1 book a month. A majority of people barely even read 1 book in a year. Rise above the rest and read more this year. 4 Resolutions To Make This Year Click To Tweet

The Key Is Accountability

Accountability is the key to this all. After your write your list, share it with 2-4 others that can hold you to keeping your resolutions. If there is an area that you struggle in, find a partner that does not. They will be better able to help you succeed.

I hope this helps you as you get started writing out your resolutions and goals for 2016.

What area or goals would you add to this list? 

I have made a print out guide for your to assist you in making and implementing these goals

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  1. I tackle 6 areas; spiritual, health and wellness, personal growth, professional, relationships, financial. I set fields in Aleah area so I am improving in all areas of my life. I also add a word to focus on. In recent years it’s been “progress” this year it is “execute” it’s an actionable word – my theme. I keep this word in my mindset all the time.

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